The Dome at Downtown Container Park is an immersive 360 degree entertainment experience for both adults and kids. Animated imagery such as Dinosaurs at Dusk, Perfect Little planet, or Earth Defenders will keep kids engaged while legendary rock bands such as U2, Pink Floyd and Led Zeppelin will have both young and old on the'edge of their seat!

The Dome at Downtown Container Park is an immersive, 4K-visual dome entertainment experience inspired by the vibe of downtown Las Vegas.

Nearly 14 million pixels surround viewers in a series of ultra-HD, 360-degree imagery designed for all ages. Over 36,000 lumens light up an indoor dome set above 25 recliner-style seats to give a new depth to animated imagery accompanied by legendary rock bands, such as U2, Pink Floyd and Led Zeppelin.

For the kid or the kid at heart, come explore the universe with Perfect Little Planet or go back to the dawn of time with Dinosaurs at Dusk. If interactive games are more your speed, try Earth Defender, a first-person shooter experience where you and your friends can save the planet!

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