About Ankara

About Ankara

If you are planning a trip to Ankara there is a lot you need to know about this dream destination. This city hides layers of history, culture, colors and aromas.

If you are planning a trip to Ankara there is a lot you need to know about this dream destination. This city hides layers of history, culture, colors and aromas. It is the second largest and capital city of Turkey. The grand architecture, the outstanding food, the rich culture and everything else Ankara has to offer makes it a perfect destination when you need a break from the hectic life.

Ankara is as big as any other European capital with a population of over 5 million. Since 1990, it has almost doubled in size, which is an incredible milestone in its growth and development.

It offers visitors a look into a different side of modern Turkey.The central railway system can take you from Ankara to almost every city in Turkey.


At an altitude of 2800 feet, Ankara is a historical treasure in the heart of Anatolia. During the empirical era, it used to be an important center of art and trade. It was declared the capital of Turkey after the war of liberation in 1923.

It’s worthy of your attention due to the diverse history spanning thousands of years and an interesting mix of traditions with modernization.You cannot miss out on the extravagant landmarks such as Anitkabir, which shows the magnitude of Atatürk’s legacy. It's hard not to be impressed by its grandeur!

The walking tour of the old historical Quarter with its cobblestone roads twisting and turning and the red-roofed Ottoman houses with all their glory will definitely catch your attention. This place is lined with merchant shops selling souvenirs and other kinds of crafts.

Ankara’s largest and most impressive place of worship, the Kocatepe mosque is another place you definitely need to visit. It is a modern city, but at the same time it preserves traces of Bronze Age, and the times of Hittites, Persian and Byzantines. The mausoleum of Kemal Atatürk is a perfect blend of ancient and modern architectural ideas and houses a unique collection of treasures dating back to 2000 B.C. 

Turkish Food

Food is one thing no one can hate about Turkey. Turkish food is very diverse blend of Central Asian, Middle Eastern and Balkan cuisine and offers something for every kind of food lover. Be ready to enter meat heaven, as kebabs are Turkey’s specialty. Their BBQ and seafood are famous all over the world. Ankara is home to the work breaking donor kebab that weighs 1198 kg.

What Not to Miss at Ankara

Modern shopping malls are scattered all over the city, which is the perfect place to buy old copper, jewelry, antiques and carpets. Small local shops and restaurants also present an attractive sight and a perfect place to create memories.

Apart from being the home of the Turkish Parliament, ministries foreign embassies and nine amazing universities, it is also the center for ballet, opera, jazz and modern dance. Make sure you stop by the Roman Theatre, Temple of Augustus, Column of Julian and the Ankara Citadel. Konya, which is the city renowned for the whirling dervishes, lies to the South-East of Ankara so you can stop by there for an overpowering experience.

The more you discover this city, the more you will be enchanted by its beauty and fall in love with it.

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