Bart Kempff Management Techniques Of Relationships In A Business


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Bart kempff Management Techniques of Relationships in a Business

Bart Kempff Mastering the rumor in the business

Rumor? An unverifiable information that spreads like wildfire. Bart Kempff company management secret And the company is a fertile ground for the run. Unfortunately, this can cause serious damage and often results from a malfunction in the internal communication. Explanations and advice from two experts.

Remain aware of noise corridor

The rumor is insidious, said Laurence Houdeville, director of the communication department of the consulting firm Inergie. Once started, difficult indeed to stop it and to find the origin. To be very responsive to this type of phenomenon, so keep your eyes - and ears - wide open.

The unknown, the source of all the rumors

When the company faces troubled times, the dissemination of information is sometimes done haphazardly. Bart Kempff Taking Decisions Tips Merger, divestiture, a major change, create a sense of insecurity among employees. There are situations in which the company will not or can not communicate. Often these are times of change. Rumors then spread in response to fears of employees, said Laurence Houdeville.

Sometimes the rumor swells via social partners

In those moments, she explains, the rumor generally share a piece of information passed incorrectly. It been varying interpretations, which come and go and are growing. This is actually a symptom of non-communication from the company. Employees then try to find the information outside the official circuit. Sometimes the rumor swells via social partners who are in possession of a lot of information and have much more flexible than the company communication channels. In this case, the rumor is likely to be true.

Recognize the rumor being spread

Laurence Houdeville recommends putting in place strategies standby, upstream, so you know what that rumbles in the company. This does not happen just by listening to the discussions cafeteria or smoking room. This is set up spaces and moments of discussion will bring to light any doubts or questions of its employees. Bart Kempff optimizing your business easily You will have to keep in mind that different groups in the company (eg managers and workers or the creative and commercial...) do not have the same expectations, or the same information and fears. And to remember that the most formidable those rumors are credible enough to convince the majority.

The phenomenon of rumor seen by a sociophysicien

Serge Galam, researcher at CNRS and Polytechnic, applies the laws of physics to the humanities. It decrypts and propagation phenomena rumors: The information in a rumor is not demonstrable, it is for individuals to form an opinion to validate, they discuss in small informal committees These meetings bring.. groups to reach a consensus based on the arguments of each. and when groups fail to decide, they will unconsciously seek a set of collective beliefs that will help tip the scales one way or the other. After several meetings, a majority opinion will gradually emerge.

Prevent the communication

Create a climate of confidence

Laurence Houdeville, Bart j. Kempff Business Channel some corporate cultures are more conducive than others to spread rumors of the same magnitude for the organization. In a very hierarchical structure, it is customary to receive information and resend. Conversely, in a cross-organization, information is more difficult to grasp, she took more hazardous ways.

If enough people lend credence to the rumor, it will cease to itself

Serge Galam, a physicist at CNRS researcher at the Ecole Polytechnique, analysis of his side the weight of the employment relationship: Culture of employees with respect to management can inspire confidence or rather an atmosphere of manipulation who will play on people's opinions. This cultural background will have a direct impact on making the rumor. The initial proportion of people who lend credence to the words of the rumor is important because if a certain threshold is exceeded then we can not prevent them to convince the vast majority. By cons, if they are too few, the rumor cease itself, says he.

Improve managerial communication

Managers are in a position to receive strategic information and having to pass it to employees following a double bind: Kempff Bart Interviews silence confidential information and adapt their speech to the business of the team. However, as noted by Laurence Houdeville, it requires a significant effort because drafting the language of management is often far from that of business. To be included, information must be translated and reasoned. For this, she advises managers to imagine all the questions, interpretations and rumors that may be generated by communication to respond before they appear. And above all, avoid waffle!

The language of management is often far removed from that of operational

Some companies, like at the Alcan merger with Pechiney, put up modes of communication - chat or blog - specific to defuse tensions that generate rumors. Cats internally used for example to respond to unexpected questions and do so immediately deflate the anxiety of the employees concerned.

Do not be afraid to say I can not give you that information

In times of movement for the company, certain information can not be revealed. It is nevertheless necessary to communicate with the teams on the progress of negotiations and the dates on which they can learn more. Bart Kempff Business Post Then it is to reassure employees by providing evidence of the goodwill of the company.

Act in times of crisis

Reply in all cases

Fliquer people is not enough to stop them

Sometimes the question arises whether it is really strategic to answer a rumor at the risk of making it public to many more. We do need to react proportionately to the threat, for example by replicating at a team, institution, department or company. The caller will not be the same: there will be a single manager, department of internal communication or Officer, if the situation is serious. According to Laurence Houdeville, one should not take a position acknowledgment, the rule is still to communicate